1. Banana Stand. Frozen bananas all week. Then we burn it. Hilarity ensues. (I feel like someone already did this, but I can find no evidence online.)

2. Camp Douchebag aka Camp Service Entrance (Read previous shitstorm-causing blog post for explanation.)

3. Live wedding band art car.
I've noticed the very sad lack of live music on the playa, as well as the amount of couples getting hitched. I also support myself as a wedding guitarist and vocalist so it seems pretty obvious. Get a band of professional musicians together, have a repertoire of around 60 classic wedding songs in our pockets, drive around BRC playing weddings.
Cherry on top: play 2-hour sets late night on the playa. Like a Pink Floyd night! Damn I need to make this one happen.

4. Vacuum cleaner art car. No explanation needed. My friend Mike had the same idea and is actually considering making it happen!

5. Camel art car. Distributes water.

6. The pristine restroom art car. You walk into the cleanest, sparkling bathroom with a golden toilet.

7. Pineapple Express art car. This year I purchased 35 pineapples with my camp and we cut them up and distributed fresh pineapple. It was awesome. If I can afford to get a new car this year, I'd like to convert my old Camry into a pineapple, complete with sound system and awesome lighting, and whenever you see it you'll know there may be fresh pineapple inside.
Bonus: get friends to create their own fruity cars, we can link sound systems and have a fruit salad party!

AuthorDavid Kiss