Hello! I am honored to have  been playing weddings and private events as a guitarist, vocalist, and DJ for over ten years. I am super lucky to have been born into a family of musicians, and to a tradition of cantors going back generations. My first "gig" was at the age of eight, singing at a Purim party with my father Abe, and my older brothers Meir and Mo. 

I feel very strongly about bringing the proper vibe for whatever event I'm playing, be it in the bowels of a club in the lower east side at 3am, to an afternoon on a rooftop in Miami.
What I mean to say is: If the situation calls for a tear-the-house-down dance party, I can help. If it's playing lovely music that people would want to be able to have a conversation over, without having to yell-but-still-be-able- to-enjoy-the-music-without-thinking-about-it-too-much, I got you too. (Sorry for that crazy sentence; I'm a musician, not a writer.) 
I love many genres of music, and am quite particular about music selection, volume, and really just overall  taste.


Genres I am well versed in, in no particular order:

  • Classic rock
  • Israeli
  • Cantorial
  • Top 40
  • 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's Pop
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • R&B
  • Disco
  • Rock
  • Klezmer
  • Jazz Fusion
  • Progressive Rock
  • Lounge and Downtempo
  • Electro-Swing
  • Chabad
  • Deep House
  • House
  • Minimal
  • Yiddish songs
  • Funk
  • Contemporary Jewish
  • Arabic

David has played guitar,, sang, and DJed with/for some of the following bands, orchestras, and organizations:

    • Aish Orchestras
    • AKApella
    • Avi Maza
    • BaRock Orchestras
    • Ben-Shimon
    • Benny Amar
    • B'samim
    • Camp Morasha
    • Camp Rayim
    • Hababa Music
    • Harmonia
    • Kol Zimra
    • Krohn Brothers
    • Michael Nadata
    • Moshe Okunov
    • Nafsheinu Orchestras & Singers
    • NCSY
    • Negunim Orchestras
    • Pella
    • Shloimy Dachs Orchestras
    • SpiceRack Entertainment
    • Yanky Katina
    • YJP (Young Jewish Professionals)
    • Zvi Lampert
    • 613 A Cappella Singers